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Welcome to the movement!

Maganda Forever (Beautiful Forever) is a movement to help all womxn love the skin they’re in. Maganda Forever means being forever confident in the decisions you make for yourself and that you are forever confident in who you are.

Less than a quarter of the Philippine’s population uses any cosmetic product vs. 43% in China or 85% in Korea. Filipinas are afraid of using any makeup product in fear that it might ruin their skin which is the primary barrier in trying new makeup. In fact, more than 50% of Filipinas who use makeup only use a lipstick and baby powder on their face.

Additionally, the one cosmetic product that dominates the Philippine market are harmful skin whitening agents. This tells us “whiteness” is a desired physical trait and that anything other is “not beautiful.”

As biracial Filipinas, we’re here to change the narrative by encouraging Filipinas to be bold by swapping whitening projects with lipsticks meant to empower them; to help them embrace their inner goddess (Dyosa) and love the skin they’re in.

Meet The Team

Princess Ryan - Founder of Maganda Forever

Princess Ryan is a Filipina celebrity and world famous dancer. She founded Maganda Forever as part of her own healing journey. Every woman is going through something she doesn’t want to talk about, that is why she created a space  to let anyone struggling in life that they are not alone, and together we can use our voices to heal one another and become “Maganda Forever.”

Katrina Honer - Investor & Co-founder of Dyosa Lipstick

As a social butterfly and natural-born networker, Katrina is committed to helping others put forward the best version of themselves and their brand.

As a Black and Filipina American, Katrina is passionate about WOC feeling comfortable loving all parts of themselves – inside and out.


Regina Santos - Investor & Co-founder of Dyosa Lipstick

Serial entrepreneur, Regina Santos, is passionate about the next big thing in innovation. As a Chinese-Filipina American, Regina is driven by innovating the future of beauty for people that come from underrepresented communities.